I’m James Knox – Queen Creek School Board Member Candidate

James Knox is a former Montana Legislator, Cause of America member and advisor; he organized the AZ and Maricopa County Canvass with Liz Harris, LD 15 Precinct Committeeman and much more! To say James has been involved in politics and effecting change locally within his community would be an understatement. James has traveled through life on a path of diverse experiences, some traditional and others not so much. James has lived in many places but returned to Arizona in 2019, just in time to witness the 2020 election and immediately heard the calling to get involved once again.

As homeschool parents, James and his wife Alicia believe in a traditional American education that focuses on critical thinking, building a love for learning and the spirit of entrepreneurship. They have taken an active role in their children’s education and carefully selected the curriculum implemented. Mediocrity is not an option for his children, and James believes the AZ taxpayer should not settle for mediocrity either. As a person with dyslexia, James knows how a learning disorder is not a barrier to success in education.

James has owned his own successful IT company in 4 states for ten years before entering the corporate world. Now one of the premier and sought-after Business Continuity/ Disaster Recovery and Resiliency experts, James is actively mentoring others in his field. James takes pride in his many accomplishments but knows only the excellent education results provided the tools he employs to always strive for more.

James is dedicated to ensuring the School Board welcomes parents and provides transparency. The curriculum used is posted publically and is absent of CRT, SEL, and other woke material and is rich with classical American exceptionalism and critical thinking. He believes in school choice, and that choice drives the need for the public system to offer the best product possible. He is excited to re-join the public service ranks and ensure at least one board member is not a rubber stamp for mediocrity.

James believes transparency is the result of a man’s integrity and values and lives a life striving to be a witness of his faith. He has always said the first thing any elected official does is take an oath to uphold the constitution and every other act performed in office should be weighed against that, the constitution.

“Common Sense, Not Common Core!”

Can we count on you?