Queen Creek Values Quality Schools

Common Sense, Not Common Core!

With two boys of my own, it is of the utmost importance that we keep pushing for changes in our schools, better study spaces for our kids, resources for our teachers, and merit-based pay for all employees. Our children are the next generation, let’s make sure they’re prepared for anything this world throws at them.

I have actively served the community as a state legislator, city board, an activist for conservative values and election integrity.  It is time we have a school board that manages the superintendent, listens to the public and stands with them, ensuring their will is put into the schools they send their children to.

As your elected Governing School Board Member I make this promise to always value your will over the bureaucracy.

  • Kids and their needs first!
  • Respect for parents and taxpayers!
  • Total transparency!
    • Curriculum
    • Financial
    • Who are the teachers
  • Classical American exceptionalism, not mediocrity.
  • Critical thinking and entrepreneurship!
  • Driven to make the Queen Creek public school a choice parents want.

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James has helped develop programs that have altered the course of education throughout the country.


James’s experience as a legislator puts him in a unique position to capitalize on his experience in representing the people’s will in education.


James Knox has the absolute fortitude to fight for our community, bringing the best of what we have to offer together.

Service is my passion, and it’s the manifestation of love for my community – my home, Queen Creek, AZ.

– James Knox

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